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Medical Billing

We know how to collect your money in a professional and timely manner.

Our staff consists of highly trained reimbursement specialists and certified coders. Our billers are aggressive yet customer oriented. Whether dealing with insurance companies, physician’s offices or your patients, they know how to collect your money in a professional manner.

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Coding and Data Entry

We employ AAPC certified coders to ensure accuracy and compliance with health care laws. Seminars, training, updates, newsletters, and classes are required of all of our coders. We code our accounts with both ASA/RVG, and CPT surgical codes. Our system converts the codes automatically and bills with the appropriate code based on the requirements of the insurance carrier involved. Insurance claims are filed electronically.


E&A employs in-house Anesthesia and Pain Management schedulers. Our schedulers ensure that you are at the right hospital with the right surgeon. Additionally, E&A is continually marketing to hospitals, facilities and surgeons to maximize our Anesthesiologists case load. We also provide scheduling software for Office-Based practices.

Practice Management

With E&A’s custom reporting you are informed and aware of exactly where your practice stands.

Detailed Financial Reporting

Aging Reports

Accounts Receivable Analysis

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Software and Reporting

Our proprietary billing software allows the flexibility to accommodate any and all requirements that our clients may have. We have programmers on staff to ensure that the software is up to date at all times. Because we own and develop the software we can create customized reports or integrate with other client software programs.

Our system easily converts data from other billing systems and delivers a seamless transition for our new clients. Additionally, our clients can log-in directly to our billing system and receive real-time reports from the convenience of anywhere an internet connection is available. The best part is that we can make and implement software changes quickly based on the needs of our clients.


Our credentialing department is thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects of credentialing. From Medicare and AHCCCS applications to hospital reappointments, your paperwork is done accurately and on time.

Credentialing is managed in house through the use of software. This software will print completed applications, track CMEs, privileges, expiration of DEA, malpractice, etc. and can be “trained” to complete any application form.

We maintain all of your current information on file such as your CV, license, DEA, and certificate of insurance and handle the multitude of paperwork for you.